Massage in Helena, MT

Massage treatments encompass a variety of therapeutic practices aimed at promoting relaxation, relieving stress, and addressing specific musculoskeletal concerns. At Fyre Aesthetics in Helena, Mt., our massage treatments are designed to enhance overall well-being and cater to individual needs. Through the skillful manipulation of soft tissues, including muscles, tendons, and ligaments, massage treatments stimulate blood […]

Lash, Brow & Wax Services in Helena, MT

Lash Extensions & Brow ServicesOur luxury brows and eyelash extension treatments are meticulously designed to enhance your natural beauty and give you a stunning and glamorous look. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians use only the finest and safest products to ensure quality and satisfaction. Whether you desire perfectly shaped and defined brows or voluminous […]

Hydrofacials in Helena, MT

Facial Treatments FYRE Facial Total Time: 60 min Price: $149+ Our luxury facial is a personalized skincare treatment that aims to rejuvenate your skin, reverse daily damage, and create a radiant complexion. This indulgent experience includes deep cleansing, invigorating exfoliation, a revitalizing massage, and advanced anti-aging LED light therapy. Enhance your facial with derma-planing, a […]

Microneedling in Helena, MT

Want to double your healing and results? Then add exosomes!! Science never looked better! Enhance your microneedling results with the powerful benefits of exosomes. While PRP is great, exosomes are your skin’s new “it thing”! Exosomes are tiny vesicles that contain growth factors and other essential molecules, which can stimulate collagen production, improve skin texture, and […]

Medical Weight Loss In Helena, MT

WHAT IS MEDICAL WEIGHT LOSS AT FYRE AESTHETICS? Fyre Aesthetics’ Medical Metabolic Reboot & Weight Loss Program takes a holistic approach to your well-being by offering customized, sustainable solutions for weight management. Our program is specifically designed to align with your weight loss objectives.Conducted by our medical director, the program begins with an assessment to […]

Skin Health Treatments in Helena, MT

Discover the ultimate fusion of medical-grade results and lavish spa comfort at Fyre Aesthetics. Every facial session we offer features a curated mix of medical and natural skin care products, mechanical exfoliation, soothing massage, LED therapy, Hydrojelly masks, and a tailored application of the Jane Iredale foundation. Radio Frequency Microneedling (COMING SOON!!) Experience the future […]

IV Therapy in Helena, MT

Experience the revitalizing power of IV Therapy at Fyre Aesthetics, designed to counteract the daily wear and tear your body faces from environmental pollutants, illnesses, and general fatigue. Our IV formulations offer a potent mix of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, delivered directly into your bloodstream for 100% bioavailability—far surpassing the absorption rates of oral […]

Laser Treatments in Helena, MT

Laser treatments, also known as laser therapy, involve using focused light beams to target specific skin or body areas for various aesthetic and medical purposes. These treatments deliver concentrated light energy to the targeted area, which the tissue absorbs, causing a specific reaction. Laser treatments are versatile and can address various concerns, including skin rejuvenation, […]

Dental Treatments in Helena, MT

Dental treatments, specifically teeth whitening, involve a process that aims to improve the appearance of teeth by lightening their color. This cosmetic procedure is designed to combat tooth discoloration caused by various factors such as aging, consumption of staining substances like coffee or tobacco, and certain medications. Teeth whitening works by applying a bleaching agent […]

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